Textiles and 

Personal Arts (2) 

 Personal Adornment:

Nuba Body Painting
Fulani Woman from 
West Africa
  • Elaborate gold earrings worn by women are an indication of wealth and status.
  • They reflect the importance of gold in the trans-Saharan trade
Kuba King
  • Found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Regalia made from cowrie shells and different colored beads, feathers, raffia, leather, and iron bells.
Hausa Royalty
  • Found in northern Nigeria.
  • Elaborately embroidered cape.
  • White turban and clothing style demonstrate influence of Islamic designs from North Africa.
Yoruba Ruler (Oba)
  • Wears a beaded crown with beaded veil.
  • Veil protects viewers from the power of the ruler.
  • He holds a beaded staff of office.
  • Birds on crown represent the mystical powers of women and the ruler's authority.


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